Admission Information

1. Admissons are usualy nold in March fur Nursery class, Quarten, selkin admis on of thir warts are reguired to fillin prescribed in Obtained from the school office on the days mentioned. 2. At the time, of admission a candidate is required to produced the ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE issued from the Hospital / Malemi Home as well as from the Muncipal Corporation + Adhaar Card. 3. The application form duly filled in and accompanied by the fir Certificate and passport size 3 photograph should be presented befor admission can be considered. 4. Admission to higher classes if any, will be considered only in Ap after verifying the actual vacancies and after he candidate passe the admission test with a high percentage. 5. A student coming from another school must bring his/her Transfer Cerlificate and a Certified copy of the Report card/Scholar's register at the time of admission 6. Students as a rule are subjected to the class to which admission is sought. In no case shall the child be considered for a class higher than the one stated in the Transfer Certificate. The Principal has the right to say on what conditions he will admit a student in the school. 7. Even in the case of late admission of a student, the fee from the beginning of the first term shall be charged. 8. The very condlion of admission will be that parents / guardians" comply strictly with the terms and rule.